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Flexible laminates GHG,composite insulation paper, Glass cloth + Polyimide film 发布时间:2019-05-16 11:20:31

Flexible laminates GHG(GKG),composite insulation paper,is Glass cloth + Polyimide film + Glass cloth. GHG(GKG) is made of polyimide film and coated with glass cloth on both of sides. flexible laminate materials are comprised of two or more materials that make up a composite.Flexible laminates are most commonly used in applications where a thin layer of insulation is required. These applications typically require the material to be bent, formed, or simply punched into a shape that fits into a confined space. Typically applications include layer insulation in transformer coils, slot insulation in motors, turn-to-turn insulation in power generators, and phase-to-phase insulation in low voltage circuit breakers. Excellent dielectric properties, good heat resistance,high mechanical properties.
G—glass cloth.
H—polyimide film,the brand"Kapton" made by America Dupont.
temperature classification: H,have flame retardancy ,thickness:0.13—0.45mm,wide:900mm or according customer’s request, through ISO 9001.UL,SGS etc.